Poker- The Enticing Card Game

Poker is a card game where the player is distributed cards to make hands. In the end, the hands of every player are revealed to declare a winner. Whichever hand concerning the game’s rules is best, that player wins. The Winning player takes all the money that was put into the bet. It is played with the standard deck. However, it was played with 20 cards earlier.

The poker game differs in rules. Rules differ regarding the number of cards in the game and the number of cards dealt face-down or face-up.


Poker is contemplated to get its inspiration from French or Persian games. However, many scholars say that Poker was played in the United States for the first time. Each player was given five cards from the deck in the first game. This is more similar to the Persian game As-Nas. Thus, it may have taken its inspiration from Persia. However, Poker has gained popularity in South America. It is played with a deck of 20, where Ace is the highest card and ten is the lowest.

Poker: Old Game

Variations of Poker

Poker isn’t a simple game. It has several variations, but the ranking hierarchy remains the same. Here are a few variations of poker:

  1. Straight: Each player is given one full hand. Players are then allowed to bet as much as they wish to. The revelation of the hand at the end decides the winner. This is simple and has been the earliest laying way of the game. Today, however, poker is played more complex and twistedly.
  1. Draw Poker: A complete hand with face-down is given to each player. Each player is then allowed to view their cards before placing a bet. Then a player can discard at least three cards replacing them with new ones from the deck. After each replacement again, a change is made. In the end, the cards are revealed, and the winner gets the money.
  1. Stud Poker: Cards are pre-arranged face-up or face-down. After this, a hand is given to each player. A bet accompanies every round. It is also one of the oldest ways of playing poker. It began being played when a hand increased from 3 cards to 5 cards.
  1. Community Card Poker: It is a complex way to play the game. It is also known as Flop Poker. Each player is given a hand face down. Then a few face-up cards are kept at the center of the table. Each player can use these cards to make the best five cards hand.